Reviving an abandoned react component for the opensource : itinerary

Do you feel like you would better opensource an abandoned project from your company rather than throwing it to the trash ? It’s like recycling outdated but viable products from the supermarket : it is still valuable but can’t be sold anymore…

That project has been abandoned 3 years ago already, the product owner and the designer have left the company since then, almost no one remembers that project, so I guess it is safe to revive it, for your very eyes.

That project consists in this button. Cute isn’t it ?
What if you could render some trip information in it ? Like for example your airplane or hotel information from your trip ?

Notice the date / time format that use browser capabilities (Intl.RelativeTimeFormat).
Ok, interesting, but what if our traveler wants a deeper level of information about his segments ?
Not to worry :

You can display the chronology of the trip, also mentioning the layover times in the same story.
You can also add some text details about the fare conditions or sanitary procedures for example :

The Co2 calculator is not very smart but it can calculate a magnitude of footprint.
In the bottom, the initials of the travelers that are part of the segment (if it is a trip with different participants for some segments, you can review that)

The component works for multiple kind of trip products : flights, trains, hired cars, and hotels

Even the insurance product can be rendered :

You can start hacking this component right away by visiting

Have fun with it.

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