Back to the second life

Let’s be honest and positive, my second life has never been so active (more than the real life).
This month, I have been trying to expose some of my 3D artwork in my place.

The result is far from my expectation (mostly because of the prims quota) but I have been able to import a few objects from Maya / Blender.

You can visit my home at this location and grab a few sculpted prims for L$0 :

I also have mirrored the items in the marketplace : (every item is sold L$1).
I only have received less than 10 purchases so far, but that was quite expected : almost all my items are not yet animated.

I have created one of them with a rotation + ball movement script to recreate the “steps optical illusion” object. You can find it here :

I am looking to create more objects like these to learn more 3D artist skills.

…I know, no big deal, but it is still a step out of my comfort zone.

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