Kotlin Coroutines utilities

If you prefer to combine Kotlin Coroutines with popular solutions like Flowable, Streams or RxJava, where every strategy is readily available, this post is not for you. Otherwise, if you are interested in writing your own asynchronous strategies, here are two of them (in addition to my post from April 2019 : https://libetl.wordpress.com/2019/04/30/learn-how-to-group-expensive-calls-with-the-coroutines/). Batching strategyThat… Read More »

Build an exercise git repository with stage branches

You may want to build separately several branches of your repository with different contents in each "stage" of your exercise. For example stage-0 will contain the begining of the exercise and each stage-$i will incrementally add some implementations and exercise corrections. The thing that is uncomfortable when these stages are on the same commit tree… Read More »