Csv2Sms, Xml2Sms or Sql2Sms in one Android app (named Athg2Sms)

I decided to write this article in English so that this tip is more accessible to the Android users community.
I am to tell you about Csv2Sms significant changes. It is now parsing YOUR own patterns, whether it is in a Nokia Csv, Iphone format, etc…

If you want your phone to import your SMS in a specific way, read the following steps :

  1. Install the application OI FileManager on Android (it enables browsing your file system and could be useful besides !).
  2. Install this new Csv2Sms V2

    (PLEASE, download « Anything to SMS » in Android Market instead) (see description here)

    (absolutely Freeware, no ads).

  3. Copy your SMS dump file on a determined location of your phone (most probably on your sdcard).
  4. Execute Csv2Sms and go to the « Manage Conversion Sets » menu
  5. Add your own patterns if you need to. The parser will recognize each $(var) string, replacing it by the matching value. It will also parse a date by identifying it in the var name. For example, $(dateMM/dd/yyyy) will recognize « 03/10/2010 ». It will also replace « [\t] » strings by tabs and « [\n] » strings by line feeds.
  6. Select your file and choose your conversion set.
  7. Start conversion and wait for a while.
  8. If it says « Successful », that means your SMS messages were imported !

Csv2Sms V2Csv2Sms V2


Csv2Sms V2Csv2Sms V2