Android : what if « git push » becomes your Play Store publish command

Ever wondered why you need these repetitive tasks each time (in these three pictures below) ? Not only you run the risk of losing time, but you can go wrong because of a lack of concentration (by publishing in prod instead of alpha), or you can even forget to publish your app intermediary updates. Your… Read More »

Convert List(a,b,c,d) into Map(a->b,c->d) in Java 8

Let input be a List of String, you want it to become Map<String, String> where even elements are the keys, and odd elements are the values. Works only when key elements are unique. Map<String, String> mappedValues = Function.identity(), input::indexOf)).entrySet().stream().collect(Collectors.toMap( entry -> {return entry.getKey();}, entry -> {return entry.getValue() == input.size() − 1 ? −1 :… Read More »