(storybook) how to extract some source code using webpack

If you know storybook well, you may know what storysource addon is. The addon lets you see the caller code responsible for displaying the story (I mean the component) in preview. This looked pretty straightforward and efficient. (see https://storybooks-official.netlify.com/) Since then, several developers wanted to edit the story while on the screen without needing an… Read More »

Your next acceptance tests framework… bash ?

I have been trying several frameworks to test my pieces of software. The choice was difficult to make between cucumber-js, cucumber-java or karate.All of them need a complex runtime. Either by installing a node_modules packages directory with a lot of dependencies, or by installing them in a .m2/repository directory. I was wondering myself : Is… Read More »

JAXB unmarshalling ? Sax reader ? What about… nothing.

Here is a very tiny and naive xml parser made in kotlin. One function, one input (string), one output (map). Simple, and lightweight (no library). /]+)[^>]*>") val OPENING_CLOSING_TAG = Regex("^< ([^ >/]+)[^>]*/>") val CLOSING_TAG = Regex("^]+)>") val ATTRS = Regex("([a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z-0-9]*)=\"([^\"]*)\"") val root = mutableMapOf() val deque = ArrayDeque(listOf(root)) val attrSetFunc = {text: String, node: MutableMap… Read More »