Howto Remote Audio Part 1

Let’s start with the most easy way to stream from your Linux PC.
You need to be a sudoer on your OS.

  1. Go to your console, and install by the simplest way a OpenSSH server.
    sudo apt-get install openssh-server
  2. Now, create a specific ssh user to protect your PC against illegal access threats (Do not allow a ‘root’ user to connect through ssh)
    Look at my own /etc/ssh/sshd_config :
    DenyUsers root, lionel
    AllowUsers ssh-client
    PermitRootLogin no
    #ForwardX11 yes

    Kate, gedit or mousepad that file.
  3. You need to physically create the user (ssh-client or who you want) :
    sudo useradd ssh-client
    sudo passwd ssh-client

    Choose a password (don’t choose a simple one for security reasons)
    su - ssh-client
    sudo echo helloworld

    after typing your password, make sure you obtain this message :
    ssh-client is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.
    (for security reasons).
  4. Change permissions of your sound device file (/dev/audio for audio loopback or /dev/dsp for sound card output)
    sudo chmod a+r /dev/dsp or sudo chmod a+r /dev/audio
  5. Now that your PC is correctly configured, go into the Remote Audio App
    Configure each item of the screen :
    Choose here “Java ssh with password then cat”
  6. sc3
    Choose here the ip address of your pc (works even if public and not firewalled 22 port)
    Choose the user (maybe ssh-client), his password, and the sound file.
  7. sc4
    Choose your streaming options. These options work with a /dev/dsp PCM file.
  8. Go back to the menu and choose “Play/Pause” (Well it does not yet have a ‘loading’ dialog box, it does work unless your connection settings are wrong. Be patient.)
  9. Install on the Android Market a VNC app or Amarok2 Remote to take control of your remote music in live !
  10. Next part will be about streaming a /dev/dsp file from a web server. Good luck.

11 thoughts on “Howto Remote Audio Part 1

  1. J’adore le concept … mais il n’y aurait pas moyen d’avoir plus de détails quand ça marche pas ? parce qu’en l’occurrence, j’ai pas de son sur l’Android, alors que le SSH marche, on a le droit de ‘cat’er /dev/dsp (ou bien /dev/audio ?) (mais ça n’affiche pas grand chose quand même ce cat …)

  2. Hi,

    Any chance you develop a windows version?

    [My specs : Windows 7 & Motorola Milestone]

  3. I had was not able to set this up with xbmc. Would love if this worked.

  4. Hello
    The funny thing is that I could easily make the a. -> j. steps without help.
    ssh is ok for me.

    Now that I’m connected, I do not know what to do to ear something…

    The only sound I’ve ever eared is a white noise on my phone.

    What software must I run linux side in order to ear something android side ? And how to configure it ?

  5. Quesqu’il faut mettre en cas de “padsp” (Ubuntu 10.10)?
    La connection marche et la notification android dit “Streaming” mais j’entends que des sons stupides (crrk).
    En plus, il n’y a pas d’options pour arreter le programme.

  6. Houdy! could you please repubblish the apk file? Cause android market refuses to let me download your beatiful program, still the older version you have published here on your website works perfectly.. (still it’s the older one and i need ssh avec le password 😀 )

  7. Hey, This app does exactly what I needed. However it doesn’t work for me.

    sudo chmod a+r /dev/dsp
    chmod: cannot access `/dev/dsp’: No such file or directory

    sudo chmod a+r /dev/audio
    chmod: cannot access `/dev/audio’: No such file or directory

    I get these errors when I run the commands. It maybe because I’m using PulseAudio.

    I found this on

    but it doesn’t help.
    How do I get this app to work while using PulseAudio on my Ubuntu machine?

  8. Hi.
    Well /dev/dsp is deprecated because it is a security leak. It has been replaced by pulseaudio apis. But there is a backport in pulseaudio which allows an emulation of the dev file. I can’t remember where but i saw that somewhere.

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