Gatsby : How about a … github hosted site ?

If you are not new to publishing content on the web, you certainly know that you were presented several options in the past :
– install wordpress then customize the themes as much as possible, install a database and use the editor
– setup a blogpost, use a built in theme, then write posts
– install a content management system, waste time in configuration write one post, improve the layout, write one more post, improve the layout, etc…

Some new options appeared since then, today we have:
– facebook / instagram / linkedin / [nameit] page, but your content will no longer be yours, and you target friends / contacts most of the time
– where you can share your passion while not feeling the influence of other authors
– where you can advertise a technique, share opinions or be read by professionals

Interestingly, none of the new options are self hosted nor “site as a service”. They are all restricting you to use their edition tool, the layout cannot go beyond the predefined sets of themes, and you cannot raise “change reviews” with approval system.

Ok, you guessed it, the concept of writing websites like writing programs appeals to me. You cannot imagine how much at ease I feel if someone tells me that adding a page is writing a very naive markdown file.

Let me introduce you to my new idea

The gatsby site :

This site is generated by a javascript program and uses markdown files to handle the content

You can add pictures, diagrams, you can use the left menu bar

You can even statically search content (yes, without any server)

Maybe I convinced you…
Come on, it is not that difficult to get your own one.

  1. Fork that repository
  2. Take a look at the customize directory files :
  3. change the colors.json files (use your own ones, just mind the color blindness diseases)
  4. change the variables.json file, the site name, the description, the github repository location
  5. Go to the file ( and change the git origin url (which is set to in that file to match your fork git url.
  6. You are all set, (really). Go to the and add your own markdown documents right away.
  7. To republish the site, use your git bash or bash or macos terminal and type ./

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