Now a member of the storybook team

unfortunately not much to write in this blog, because more involved in team-owned projects rather than in self-driven projects.
I have joined forces with the storybook team to help them (at my scale) to release a new version (storybook 4) supporting a wide range of View libraries.
Storybook is to the UI developer what the palette is to the painter.

Instead of always rebuilding the gears of a comprehensive, accessible and human interface, the UI developer will just pick some components that are crafted by a lot of UI experts and reuse them in the project.
The only thing remaining for the UI to fit perfectly will be the company footprint.

As a start, I have worked for the alpha integration of riot.js in storybook. It “seems” to work but there are not much users for the moment, and I expect to work on some bugs soon. You users of riot.js are welcome to try it :

This is not the end of this blog of course, I will try to keep on finding new ideas, while working at my regular job plus the storybook team.

To be continued.

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