spring-boot : differences in my yaml files

During the release process, there is a tricky part that can sometimes ask for production hot fixes :
“Are you sure that all the yaml configuration files are even between the various environments ?”

What are we talking about ?
Discrepancies between configuration files in each environment.
That happens more often than you think, and it is often a time where developers act like robots : compare file1 and file2, … then filek and filek+1, … then filen-1 and file n.

What you would like is a tool to get this comparison automatically made for you.

I have written (a small part of) that tool for you, and it is working-ish.
Please be a beta tester for me.

How to install :

      Install nodejs on your machine
      npm install -g yamlchecker (not mandatory)

How to use :

      Go to your resources directory
      If you installed the tool already :

      • yamlchecker application*.yml

      or else :

      • npx yamlchecker application*.yml

What you get :

V means ‘overriden value’
X means ‘problem : value is brought by the default profile’

You will only see the keys that are overriden by at least one, but not all profiles.

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