Content-Security-Policy builder tool in spring / java

The content security policy is a header that is used to coerce the resources that a webpage can read. It can be used to prevent malicious third party libraries, scripts, ads from capturing data or displaying content. Many languages offer tools to read or parse the Content-Security-Policy format which is described formally in But… Read More »

cheap node.js ‘fetch’ for people not wanting to use 3rd party libs

Using javascript/typescript ? rest ? using json ? Just http(s) >= 1.1 ? more and more people are getting tired with the idea of bundling external libraries in their own service / library. Can I just call another endpoint without adding 'fetch', 'axios' or anything ? Adding them is automatically enabling the burden of maintaining… Read More »

Bind all your gprc endpoints with a simple and magic coRouter

grpc-services are quite simple, focused and performance oriented services. Instead of calling them with a format that needs complex marshalling / unmarshalling, and making use of a standard http 1.1 connection, grpc has a dedicated (therefore faster) generated code for each type. This protocol also indexes data fields by number, which permits to shrink the… Read More »

Kotlin Coroutines utilities

If you prefer to combine Kotlin Coroutines with popular solutions like Flowable, Streams or RxJava, where every strategy is readily available, this post is not for you. Otherwise, if you are interested in writing your own asynchronous strategies, here are two of them (in addition to my post from April 2019 : Batching strategyThat… Read More »