Some progress on domain driven design in kotlin

I remember speaking about ktlint rules back in May 2019 ( This month unfortunately, I haven't spent time on tech watch or innovating, but I have been asked to improve our projects practices by adding more ktlint rules. - We have seen contributors adding @Autowired spring components in data classes, which is a quite concerning… Read More »

Websocket : how to forward traffic in Node.js

Many solutions exist to serve remote content on proxies : webpack-dev-server, next.js, http-proxy, or just my own local-traffic.While these solutions offer an efficient way to route http traffic, they sometimes have support for websocket, which correspond to a different protocol (tcp messages but not exactly http) The client only sends a http request once, then… Read More »

jest : how to cheat with time

Of course I could spend some time mirroring the jest docsite, even though the description is comprehensive and the examples are relevant. ( jest.useFakeTimers(); jest.spyOn(global, 'setTimeout'); Once you have this code, you can freeze the time and execute tasks that should have been deferred to later in real conditionsYou can even advance in time by… Read More »